sahabat :)

Sahabat a.k.a Kawan are the second we need in our life . so everytime we do anything we should get help with our friend . example in studied we had helping of each other but now ... all that things lose it all . these what happened to me right now . i had girl friend that really special for me but we so far away now :'(

abaikan BI aku yg beterabur tu hurm . aku rindu giler babeng kat bestie aku . smpai skrg aku tak penah lupa kt dia walaupun jarak berjauhan ? ohhyea . rasanya still 1 tempat tpi bukan 1 skolah dah . tpi aku nk meet dia hari-2 , aku nk study ngn dy , main ngn dy ape pon nk wat semua ngan dy .

form 3 is the memories that i never forget until now . hurm ade makna nya kan msa kita nakal sesama dlu kan kan :( hurm rindunya . my fault want to go away but i get trouble ;'/ i think in our life had sama friend as Ira but im wrong ! blame it on me >.< i know that my fault

just a long distance make separated . miss you lot , ohh my friend swear im really miss you. seriously, yesterday i had crying because of my friend . im really need her , i miss that moment together . i can't study without her

i need this girl
hurmm . YAALLAH knpe kami dipisahkan . hurm aku engat nk masuk form 6 dtg DARY balik nk blaja sesama ngan ira . nk mcm dulu tu , bole kan ira ? please aku rindu ssngt ni :'< just God know
true friend never apart . maybe in distance but not in heart

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